How do you know that you’re a hybrid?

Hybrids have lived on Earth and influenced human culture (in many cases, accelerating human evolution) for thousands of years. There are many famous ones. Some are prominant religious and spiritual figures who, although are dead today, are revered till today, some are exceptional scientists who were way ahead of their time (think Nicola Tesla, one of the greatest hybrid of modern times). But, how do you know if you’re a hybrid?

To clarify, we’re talking about hybrids who were born of an alien father and a human mother, plain and simple.

I was asked once how many hybrids were in a given city. I don’t know the answer to that question, the Prometheus Program keeps a track of all hybrids on earth at a time, but I’m not allowed to gain access to that kind of information. But if I would guess, I’d say that 1% of the population of a given city is made up of hybrids, and it’s mainly because of the ease and stealth of the process of visitation and insemination (the mother is always asked for permission to host a hybrid child, this is communicated through the subconscious during sleep, lucid dreaming, etc. Unlike popular theories, humans are NEVER forced to host hybrids, and any extra-terrestrial that does that is in violation of Promethean protocols). The mother is placed in stasis during the entire procedure, so no pain is felt and very little memory (if any) of the procedure is retained. Once it is done, she goes through a normal pregnancy, with her DNA superimposed over the alien father’s DNA, so as to guarantee that the child born appears as human as possible, although, it is very common that most hybrids are actually very charismatic in one way or another, for example, one hybrid that I know, who calls herself in hybrid circles Maya Sof, was actually a successful model for a time because she is exceptionally beautiful, and very very captivating, and I’ve suggested that she posesses the ability of passive hypnotism, although she refuses to acknowledge or deny that fact. Other hybrids are charismatic leaders (think Max from Roswell), and so on. The other 1% or so of your hybrid DNA is data saved as Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Memory (ETGM) which I will talk about in detail in future posts. Which brings us back to the question of “How do you know that you’re a hybrid?” The answer is, you will remember that you are, by dissociation…

By definition: Dissociation is a partial or complete disruption of the normal integration of a person’s conscious or psychological functioning. Dissociation is a mental process that severs a connection to a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. Dissociation can be a response to trauma or drugs and perhaps allows the mind to distance itself from experiences that are too much for the psyche to process at that time. Dissociative disruptions can affect any aspect of a person’s functioning. Although some dissociative disruptions involve amnesia, the vast majority of dissociative events do not. Since dissociations are normally unanticipated, they are typically experienced as startling, autonomous intrusions into the person’s usual ways of responding or functioning. Due to their unexpected and largely inexplicable nature, they tend to be quite unsettling. [Wikipedia]

The dissociation that you often experience as a hybrid is slightly different (certainly not induced by stress or drugs) and not unsettling, but is in fact a great, uplifting feeling. In this case it happens when the brain has a hard time perceiving certain things in reality, when it “remembers” that a different thing (in this case, way more advanced, or more efficient) had replaced that thing, giving the impression that real objects are surreal. In some cases, a dissociative trigger is so real, that an ETGM fragment hits you like a ton of bricks, and you actually “see” or hallucinate an actual object from genetic memory as if you’re actually there. If this has happened to you at least once, you are definitely a hybrid, because ETGM is a property of advanced DNA formulation, particularly in ultra-sentients (hooray for Superior DNA!). I will give you an example on this before moving on to other cues on whether or not you’re a hybrid.

One day, about 20 years ago, before I knew I was a hybrid, I had gone with my (human) father to a government building where he was going to do some paperwork for his new business. One my way there, it was a warm sunny day in Arizona. But as we approached the government building, I looked up at the building (which was basically just like any other government building), then I got an extremely odd feeling, like that building was out of place, and kind of archaic. Suddenly, I got an intensely nostalgic feeling and got the idea that the “me” that I always knew wasn’t “me” anymore (this is the dissociative part) then I started feeling some chatter in my brain, the kind that I never felt before, and all of a sudden, I started getting overloaded with information, like 50 people hammering me with historical accounts of this mysterious but highly futuristic place that I live(d) in, suddenly, the office building in front of me dissapeared and in its place, this huge magnificent purple building appeared, the weather became very mild and pleasent, the air smelled much fresher and cleaner, and I saw flying vehicles going in and out of tubes dotted on the building. The “historian spirits” around me told me that this was the seat of the government of my home planet, the government was technocratic, meaning that computers and Artificial Intelligence made decisions regarding policies and approvals of zonings, new businesses, etc. It struck me as extremely efficient to run a government that way because, now there aren’t any politicians to influence decisions based on preconceived notions, beliefs, or lobbying, it is a system that runs by pure logic and calculated deductions, it was truly and simply, more advanced and efficient. This was when I was about 12 years old. When I was 17 (my first encounter with my real alien father) I asked my father about this building, and he told me that what I had seen was indeed the Techno Council building, as it stood for many many generations on what he identified to me as Prometheus Alpha, his home world (and my ancestral one). He promised me that I would see it in person someday.

So if you get such waking hallucinations when you’re in a normal state of mind, this is a prime indicator.

What about mannerisms? Most hybrids exhibit the same mannerisms, and this is due to the genetic “maturity” of the alien portion of your DNA. The most common mannerisms, no matter what planet your alien father hails from are the following, which I call,

The Nine Inherent Mannerisms of a True Hybrid:

1. Inherent peace: You are almost always peaceful and seek peace in the people you’re with, and the environment you are around. Moreover, the people you’re with feel this deep peacefulness and it rubs off on them. You abhore violence and think that war is a costly (both in human lives and in money) and unneccesary diversion from real worldy problems like pollution, starvation and disease.

2. Inherent spirituality: You are very spiritual, whether through religion, yoga, new age meditation, etc. etc. it is easier for you to find inner peace than the average human being. Sometimes you have lucid dreams or spiritual/genetic visions (as my example above).

3. Inherent inbias: You cannot be indoctrinated by bias caused by environment, culture or the media. So you view every single person as an equal, no matter what affiliations (republican vs democrat), race (black vs white), sex (male vs female vs otherwise), sexual orientation (straight vs gay), religion or lack thereof (muslim vs jewish vs atheist), social class (rich vs poor), etc. etc.

4. Inherent abilities: You are a natural at supernatural abilities such as mind-reading, vibe-feeling, clairevoyance/remote viewing, healing, etc. Almost every hybrid is extremely good with at least one such ability. I am good at mind-reading (at the minimum knowing whether the person in front of me is harboring positive or negative thoughts towards me, and reverse-sensory perception), and exceptionally good at remote viewing (which I didn’t know I was until I got introduced to a prominent spiritual healer, scientist, and fellow hybrid who runs a remote-viewing website and offers free courses to anyone that wants to learn it).

5. Inherent Genius. Are you always called a genius in your chosen line of work? Do people constantly look up to you for guidance because they are drawn to your intuition? Are you constantly coming up with ideas of technological innovations (in Earth standards) that will make existing unsafe or inefficient things more efficient and safe? This is a common thing that bugs all the hybrids I know: Cars. Most hybrids (the beings, not the car type, lol) are subconsciously uneasy about cars because to them it is a very barbaric, inefficient and unsafe method of transportation. That doesn’t mean that hybrids don’t drive or own cars, but merely use them only out of neccessity and lack of other options. These things are barbaric because cars are a death trap, both for pedestrians and for the people that drive them. Even if you are a perfect driver, that doesn’t stop another idiot (say a drunk driver) from bringing your life to a quick end. So if you regularly envision cars that fly on auto-pilot, fueled by free energy, or floating cars that operate magnetically and autonomously, etc. etc. then that is probably a genetic memory trigger.

6. Inherent health. You are conscious about your health. You choose good food and eat well without much effort, hardly ever use and are incapable of getting addicted to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol (due to DNA-encoding that eliminates addictive tendencies), avoid carcinogenic and generally unhealthy foods (pork, processed meats & food, etc), are in generally good shape and have a great, shapely body even if you don’t try hard.

7. Inherent desire for freedom. Most places on Earth are not “free” enough by your standards.  No matter where you live, you don’t like the status quo, because it does not deserve you. When most human beings are scared of change, you are always seeking and welcoming change and chaos to “push” human evolution forward, and towards true freedom. For example, when most people slave away at making money and getting by day to day, you have the desire to be “free” of money as we know it (as a fake currency), and while you choose to live this way simply because there may be no alternative (yet) you are always thinking of ways out of this “cycle”. Most alien cultures that have achieved extra-terrestrial travel only were able to do so after abolishing capitalistic systems based on interest-powered money (i.e. fake money). Instead, they are run by legitimate currencies valued against actual tangible equivelancy (as was Earth back when the gold system was still around, and before the world became enslaved by interest-bearing systems). These advanced cultures employed capital and resources wisely, fairly and placed their attention towards progress, technology and development that got them to the stage of free universal energy, and extra-solar engines, hence brought them into the fold of the Galactic Council.

8. Inherent dissociation. You get frequent dissociative feelings. As I explained above, but more-over, you are constantly in a state of battling with your identity. Most people go through this stage a few years during their teenage life, but as hybrids, we have to live with that feeling from birth to death. That is because while your body is human, your mind and spirit is, literaly, alien.

9. Inherent positivity. The absolute most important part of a hybrid’s mannerisms is your positivity. You are so positive that you can almost see the positive particles radiating from you! You are almost always optimistic, always happy, always calmly try to find solutions to problems, no matter how difficult, etc. And not only are you positive, but (like your peaceful tendencies) it rubs off on others and spreads like wildfire. You enjoy using and implementing affirmations and the Law of Attraction to bringing you what you need, to you, “The Secret” is not really a secret, you always knew that’s how the universe works.


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  1. lol, thanks for the mention. I’m glad you finally decided to write, you talk too much (no offence!) so it’s great for you to have all your thoughts down so we can all dissect them. Keep them coming, and I hope I can share my own stores as a hybrid on your blog some time.

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